Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Last Hike of 2013...

First a shout out to the most important person in my life, Cute Husband!  Today is my guy's birthday and although I will not spill his age here on BC AT Blog, I will tell you the man hikes like a 25 year old.  
My hiking buddy and I set off at the end of September for a quick 3 day 38+ mile hike in SW Virginia.  Almost to the ponies in the Grayson Highlands, but not quite.
Photo: This is the waterfall at Comers Creek in far southwestern Virginia. Lisa and I spent Sept 29-Oct 1 doing our last Appalachian Trail hike of the year, and lucked out with wonderful weather.

Total AT miles hiked in 2013: 175
Total AT miles hiked 2003-2013: 1,175.3
AT miles left to go: 1,010.6
Percentage of the AT we've hiked:  53.8 percent

Data from www.atdist.com
This is Comer's Creek which greeted us on our first day.  Waterfall after Waterfall.   On September 29, we stopped for a bit on top of a mountain and sent love to my Dad, who passed away in 2009.  A Barred Owl started calling and I knew he was hearing us.

We spent our first night all alone in the Trimpi Shelter.  One of the best stone shelters on the trail which includes a fireplace.  Cute Husband set us a nice fire and we enjoyed the candles someone had left.  Please ignore the person in the flannel sleepy pants and focus on the snake skin in the foreground.  We never saw the owner of the skin, but believe he must have moved on because the shelter was ripe with mice pattering throughout the night on the wooden bunk inside. 
We crossed some amazing trail magic provided by a local youth group.  Everything from snacks to first aid to walky-talkies could be found in this treasure chest in the middle of the woods.  
For our last night on the trail for 2013....
the famous Partnership Shelter!   A double decker shelter with a shower!  Warren and I had the entire loft to ourselves.  We even took advantage of the pizza delivery service and gorged.  And, if we hadn't walked enough for the day, Warren suggested a walk around two ponds, which was a romantic way to end the day.  We feel asleep with the sun at 7ish and woke well rested, but sad to finish the last hike of the year. 
When we walked to the Mount Rogers Visitor Center, the gates were closed and we learned that the government shut down would impact the employees up on the mountain as well as in DC. 
To my Love, thank you for a challenging and impressive hiking year!  We broke our yearly record, completing 175 miles total in 2013.   We've hiked over 1,175 miles on the entire trail!   No way I could have done it without you.  Happy Birthday, Warren!

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