Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dry Walk in the Woods...

Virginia in August.   Cute Husband and Cute Son #2. 3 Days. 30+ miles. Hot.  Humid.

Our shuttle driver, Don was in the know about the water shortage along the ridge of Brushy Mountain outside Pearisburg and helped us stash some for two days out, when we would really need it.

This river was the last of water we saw for 16 or so miles.
We were quite happy when we first arrived at Jenny Knob Shelter...
It had been a long day of over 17 miles and we were toast and ready for a hot meal of rehydrated food.
Jenny Knob's stream was completely dry.   We had a few ounces left to hike to our stashed gallon jug which was a couple of miles from the shelter.  We ate what remained of the peanut butter and feel asleep while it was still light.
Hiking is super hard without water or food.   Another lesson learned regarding food - bring tons of GORP and trail bars... just in case you can't cook.
But happiness was found at Helvey's Mill Shelter.  Water, water, water!
Of course it was a 1/2 mile walk down and back.   But, it felt like a huge celebration.  We partied with a gallon of water and enjoyed a hot meal.  And, we had the Shelter to ourselves.  Helvey's Mill is such a pretty little spot.
Oh, were we done!  But, Cute Husband is even cute when he is dehydrated!
The next morning we enjoyed coffee and filtered tons of water for the short walk 9 mile walk to the car.

I was hiking with my new Gossamer Gear Gorilla Pack - 25 ounces of pure happiness on my back!
We also switched out one sleeping bag for an ultralight down experience.

Our other investment was a new water filter. Hooray for the Platypus GravityWorks Water Filter!  No weight savings over our old filter, but this baby makes filtering so easy!

Unfortunately, that was all the investment BirdCouple could make in one hiking season, so my guys were still lugging around ginormous packs and heavy tents.
Ok, Warren my Love, you are the Trail Boss!

Big thanks to Don who saved our skin by helping us stash some water which really ended up saving the hike.

Big love to Adam, son #2 for spending the Labor Day weekend with us!

I'm begging to go out once more before November and hit 1,000 miles!

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