Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last Hike of 2011.... sniff sniff...

Sad, yes.  But, we have some great memories as we get all winter stiff from lack of hiking.   I just can't take early morning winter stiff from a tent, so BC closes up the hiking shop before the nights drop in the 20s.

The Keffer Oak greeted us as we enjoyed perfect fall weather and a 27 miler with youngest son, Adam.
Another big tree! 

We passed the massive Dover Oak in July in NY.

What a treat to spend hours hiking with our favorite Virginia Tech student! 

Ahhh... fall colors...

My two favorite men take a pack break before a fairly taxing climb. 
Ok, I really taxing climb. 
Cute Husband and I reached target heart rate as 20 year old Adam leapt from one boulder to another.
But, the sightseeing was worth the lung busting...

We crashed at the Sarver Hollow Shelter where Adam built a nice fire for us and the Southbounders who shared the shelter with us. 

The lovely couple who were Southbounding introduced us to "Hiker Butter", which is basically a jar of peanut butter that you eat from and constantly add new ingredients- such as marshmallow fluff, peanut M&Ms, pretzels.  CALORIES!

Hiking Happiness!
The next day led us up to the Audie Murphy Memorial.  Mr. Murphy was the most decorated soldier
of World War II and the memorial sits close to where he died tragically in an airplane accident in 1971. He earned and received every decoration for valor that this country had to offer plus 5 decorations presented to him by France and Belgium.

What an amazing man and hero. 

Cute guys check out the maps.
I enjoy the rest of this Planters delight...
Happy legs with mountain sun on his face.  The perfect hike!  We enjoyed a huge dinner at Cabo Fish Taco and crashed at Adam's apartment while he pulled an all nighter studying.  Thanks Buddy!
Cute Husband and I headed home the following day and enjoyed the most wonderful touristy stop on the way home...
A Blue Morpho at the Natural Bridge Butterfly Garden .  We remember these beautiful creatures from Costa Rica, where Warren proposed.  It was overwhelming when one actually landed on my hand.

No hiking boots here, but we did get to play tourist before the droves of other tourists descended on the Natural Bridge spectacle.

Here I am practicing my Ophelia Mad Scene. Act IV Scene V.

It is a crazy scenic place...

Thomas Jefferson actually owned this big piece of rock at one point.
Ok, Cute Husband, where to next?

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