Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting Some Religion...

The PRIEST in Virginia has a been calling for several years as we tried to arrange climbing it with our two sons.  

Well, we finally managed to get on Adam's schedule and his gal pal, Katherine joined us for the adventure.  

For Cute Husband and I, this hike would connect the dots all the way from the border of CT to South of McAfee Knob! 
Hey!  We've been here before!  In 2008!  

But, the suspension bridge was worth the small backtrack before we started ascending the PRIEST.
And, ascend we did!  The PRIEST tops out at 4,063 and we will not see this elevation North of here again until we reach Vermont.  Four miles up, up, up.
A black snake sighting was a real treat.   I do enjoy a good snake that doesn't rattle.
I also enjoy a great hiking partner.

Once we reached the top of the PRIEST, we all agreed that its bark was much worse than its bite.  We had psyched ourselves up for years on how difficult the up hike would be. 

Oh, don't get me wrong, it was a challenge, but a very manageable challenge.
We set up camp at a lovely site away from the shelter and took a decadent afternoon nap.
Sometimes getting out of the tent is more difficult than actually hiking.
We rarely ever start a camp fire anymore, but Adam and Katherine were game to go stick hunting.  In fact, I have never seen a more enthusiastic log and stick gatherer than Katherine. 

We dubbed her with the trail name, Sticks. 
Adam and Sticks also seem pretty happy about filtering water.
Maybe not so much happiness for the dehydrated food....

We also found a new trail name for Adam after he accidentally stepped on a toad.   The poor little man felt horrible about the accidental squashing, but he does do a remarkable imitation of Kermit the Frog.

Cute Husband and I (Wood and Thrush) were so pleased to pass on our love of the trail as we are sure Sticks and Kermit will continue hiking the AT on their own adventures.

Speaking of passing on love... you may remember we met the most lovely couple, way back in 2007.  GG and Rhodo have been kind enough to follow our blog posts and cheer us on after they successfully finished a thru hike in 2007. 

GG and Rhodo recently added a future hiker to the family!  Big happiness to you both and the little one!
And, this is why they call them the Blue Ridge Mountains...

I believe we are headed to Connecticut next, right Cute Husband?

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