Friday, August 27, 2010

Squeezing in a hike...

There are few things that make Cute Husband smile as much as hiking!  August is a challenging month for me to take leave from work, but the trail was calling and we set out for Buena Vista, VA to crash at a hotel and get in a short overnight.  We were lucky enough to convince Homer Witcher to come shuttle us and were beyond pleased that his wife Therese came for the ride too!

Speaking of old friends, one of the first things we saw when we got on the trail was this from Queen Becky:  I prefer her privy art, but it was nice to see that she had landed her also. 
As we hiked North, we carefully navigated around squid and enjoyed a rain free day...

...with loads of butterflies and their children enjoying the flowers and milkweed.  This creature becomes Cute Husband's favorite butterfly, the Monarch.
I'm thinking these guys may be Variegated Fritillary- but I'm always happy to be corrected.
And to learn more about flutterbyes...

 A super cool suspension bridge that we crossed as a group of day players were out enjoying the day.  One of the guys asked where we were hiking to and where we were spending the night.   It always makes us a little uncomfortable telling non-hikers where we plan to spend the night with only a camp knife and a petzl light as protection. 

Hiking North we came across the most beautiful hollow with a charming stream.
Bigger sigh.
We made it to our destination, Cow Camp Gap Shelter with plenty of daylight to set up the traveling LoveNest and filter water.   The 1/2 mile hike off the AT to get to the shelter was a bit of a bummer, but we enjoyed a quiet spot away from 2 Northbounders and 2 section hikers. 
Cute Husband makes fire and then coffee in the morning.
Plus, it was the perfect spot to stage our celebration!  700 trail miles marked this hike!  It is still difficult for us to wrap our heads around the fact that we have walked over 700 miles on the Appalachian Trail....

Gorgeous day to walk up to the Balds. It is sometimes super swell to get out the woods for a piece and enjoy open views.

Finding the swing was also super bonus.   

Mowed grass makes for happy hiker feet.

Cute Husband. The best view of the day :)

Virginia is calling again... mid September with the Witchers!

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Chris Petrak said...

Somehow I missed this post - I do enjoy following your "walks" and it brings back fond memories of hiking and camping with the kids in so many different places. Our eastern mountains are not dramatic, but so peaceful and serene, always a refreshment for the spirit