Monday, November 3, 2008

500 Trail Miles....!

This is the lovely view from our warm toasty room in downtown Stroudsburg, PA on Saturday morning. Cute Husband and I were meeting our shuttle, the famous George Lightcap for a 25 miler in the lovely state of New Jersey for one of our coldest hikes to date.

And, meeting George was the best way to start any hike!

George is an A.T. section hiker, a literature teacher at Vernon High School and the guardian of Murray, The Tin Foil Ball.

If we didn't have a hike to do, we would have loved spending hours chatting with George in a warm coffee bar.

Oh, the Vernon High School students are soooo lucky to have this man as a teacher!George presented us each with a string of Murray beads (named for The Tin Foil Ball) for good hiking karma and dropped us at High Point State Park.
Apparently, they had gotten a little snow up this way.

It was actually perfect day hiking weather.
Highs in the low 50s, crystal clear with patches of snow that had already melted on the trail.
It was not perfect sleeping weather.
We landed at the Gren Anderson Shelter an hour or so before darkness fell.
And, then it got cold.
Really cold....

We crawled into our tent at the outlandish hour of 7PM and were actually quite cocooned and somewhat warm.
But, after drinking gallons of water through a Camelback all day, there was no way we could make it through the night without using the facilities.
Breaking the tent seal.
Bad idea when the temperatures were in the 20s.
Cold can actually feel like a creepy finger that sneaks into your sleeping bag and runs down your spine.
How, how, how do people sleep in temperature below zero?

Condensation build up from a lot of heavy breathing in the BirdCouple tent.
Nothing warms up the body in the morning like a cup of Cute Husband's instant coffee and some hot cereal.

And reading the local news in the trail journal format.

The shelter journal had lots of mention of the fabulous privy at the Gren Anderson Shelter...

We packed up and headed out enjoying another clear day and the last pieces of fall in New Jersey.
We ended the day stumbling over rocks, searching for white blazes with our head lamps on in cold complete darkness.
The perfect adventure!
The perfect way to knock off our year goal of 100 miles and bust through the 500 mark!
Already hungry for our first 2009 hike...

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