Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Every Hike is Special

... but this one was more special-er than others!

We were met Sunday morning by trail angel superb Bill Gallagher, who was good enough not to complain that we were 20 minutes late at our meeting point. (Okay, okay - we overslept by a whole hour, and I drove like a madman at 80 mph from Annapolis to Swift Run Gap, VA, to try to get there somewhere close to on time.

Seeing Bill again was the first special thing.

Then there was this:

Aren't these beautiful people?

This was the first time Lisa and I have gotten to hike the AT with *both* of our incredible boys, Adam & Mitch. Adam has hiked with us before. This was Mitch's initiation. We did a quick and relatively flat 11.6 miles from Bootens Gap to Swift Run Gap in the Shenandoahs. What a beautiful October day! This was my birthday present from the boys!!

Poor Lisa. With three Strobel guys, of course there was a lot of testosterone flowing around:

And there were fun and games:

The next special (and kinda sad) thing, is that this was our last real hike in Shenandoah National Park, where the adventure all began. We've done all but about 3 miles of its 110-mile length of the AT. How many beautiful things have we seen there?

Lastly, this hike was special because it may have been our last of the 2007 season. But we met, and surpassed, our goal of 100 trail miles this year. Come on spring! Here's to all the SOBOs (southbounders) still on the trail, on their way to Georgia...


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