Tuesday, July 3, 2007

We met a guy named Mayo

Mayo is a thru-hiker who really really enjoys mayonnaise. Apparently, his fiance sends him single serving packages (by the 500 count) for a squirt of nutrition along the trail.

Warren, Adam and I hiked the "Roller Coaster" in Virginia last Sunday and what a ride it was!

Straight up, straight down. Sharp turn left, bank right.

Adam carried all the "trail magic" (strawberry and blueberry organic cereal bars) for thru-hikers.

Northbounders hike from Springer Mountain to Katahdin in one continuous journey. We met so many Northbounders on this hike, that we actually ran out of treats.

Adam was deemed King of the Mountains by many a grateful hiker.

We also met a thru-hiker named Turtle. Turtle looked to be in his mid-sixties and in amazing shape. Each year we see more and more thru-hikers who are doing the journey after retirement and raising a family. I love that inspiration!

Eastern Box Turtle. Not thru-hiking, but climbing straight up the mountain. No switch backs for this guy. I am guessing this is a male. Male box turtles usually have bright red or orange colored eyes while the eyes of the females are usually dark red or brown. Male box turtles also have a slight depression in the middle of their lower shells while that of the female is flat. Cute Husband without his 50lb day pack.

Mile 3

Mile 12. When does this mountain end?

For all the ups and downs, the Roller Coaster was one of our most beautiful hikes to date.
Birdcouple is off to Georgia!
We are visiting the hippest gold lame wearing Mommy in the South and to meet the famous Avery Lane.
As an added bonus, we are going to step foot and on Springer Mountain! The southern tip of the AT!
According to our new Southern Half of the AT in the Chattahoochee National Forest Map:
"....some of the most challenging miles of the 14 state route. Do not underestimate the difficulty of the terrain and the possibility of sudden heavy rains."
We hear you. 8 mile day hike is the plan.
Oh, I can not wait!

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